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Our five principles allow us to follow a systematic method while allowing for creativity and chance connections.

Strategy and action
Strategy, insight and action are inextricably linked. Strategy and potential actions provide the context for insight development, and are in turn shaped by insights as they emerge. Years at McKinsey & Company and Pepsico have trained us to think strategically and push insights to a granular level that can easily be implemented.

One of the big barriers to insight development is the constant fragmentation of attention of practitioners, whether in agencies or in client organisations. We believe that we can develop high-quality insights only if we train ourselves through constant practice into an attentive and receptive state, listening deeply for hidden truths. To achieve this depth, as individuals we take on only a few projects at a time, allowing us to commit without reserve

Practical polymathy
Cross-pollination comes naturally to us. A Picasso painting inspired the creation of Insight Dojo, and the name and values draw from martial arts and Zen training halls. This polymathic culture helps us in two ways. First, it allows us to approach insight development with a wide variety of analytical and creative methods. Second, it allows us to access multiple fields of knowledge, be it behavioural economics, design thinking, social network analysis, in addition to the traditional qualitative and quantitative research disciplines, and apply them in solving our clients’ problems.

Receptive mastery
Over the years we have developed in-depth experience in many areas related to insights such as ethnography, behaviour change, specific multivariate analysis methods, segmentation, branding and capability building. However, we strive to be receptive to new ideas and actively avoid the expert trap of 'I know best'. On subjects where we lack sufficient depth, we bring in the best people through our network of partners. Valuing mastery also means never losing sight of the enduring basic principles even as we push the boundaries of a field.

Insights need to be experienced to inspire action sustainably, and need to develop and mature in the minds of stakeholders. So it is important for us to create a conducive environment for co-creation and fresh thinking so that we and our clients work seamlessly together sparking off insights and ideas.

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