what our clients say

 "Our plateauing brand had a 40% sales growth in 6 months following Insight Dojo recommendations. This is the most concrete example of business impact - all of this for an investment of less than £60K." 

Takashi Takenoshita, Shionogi Europe, CEO

"The Insight Dojo segmentation underpins and focuses our company strategy, and has been embedded across the organisation including the clinical teams and board members. I have rarely seen a team with a similar level of passion coupled with such a precise level of execution. "

Marco Renoldi, Nordic Nanovector, Chief Commercial Officer

"I have found working with Insight Dojo inspiring, enjoyable and fruitful. The relentless focus on quality meant that I could place great trust in them. Even though our working relationship was with me as a client, it felt like a cohesive team unit. Their wealth of experience means they have a great armamentarium to draw from, but that doesn’t compromise their ability to think creatively and flexibly, whilst maintaining a strong grasp of objectives – this meant we always produced actionable outputs.”

Jeremy Fazal, AstraZeneca, as Market Intelligence Manager

"My creative agency has recently worked closely with Insight Dojo on the launch of a new drug across Europe. There are a number of points that make Insight Dojo amazing: a passion to deliver the highest quality outcome; the ability to uncover and spot true insight; the attention to detail in every aspect of the project; the willingness to collaborate, encourage, praise, seek to improve and push boundaries; the commitment to pour over huge amounts of content time and time again to find patterns, trends and new insights; the willingness to share, invest time with the team and always be on hand to help the team, no matter what time of day or night. This experience with Insight Dojo has been second to none."

Matt Baker, OPEN LEC, Senior Partner and Managing Director


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