40% sales growth in six months for a women’s health product with plateauing sales

Problem statement

What is the set of actions required to reverse the plateauing sales of an innovative treatment for menopausal symptoms?

  • Sales increased by 40% in the next 6 months following the implementation of recommendations, and now second largest brand with the fastest sales growth
  • Identified priority segments who were really open to the treatment to focus sales effort, developed a compelling mechanism of action story, and identified the symptoms where patients saw the maximum benefit
  • Insight Dojo is co-authoring a research paper with KOLS about patient experience
  • Issue tree to dissect the problem and focus the effort. “Pre-mortems” and “reverse-role plays” to tap into client’s intuition about the problem
  • Examination of sales database to select sample. Conducting ethnography with gynaecologists to understand their decision making in the actual setting
  • Co-creation workshop to develop the mechanism of action story with gynaecologists and clients
  • Quantitative research with 200 patients to elicit feedback, and quantify “need states” for women