Expanding the market for an antibiotic by discovering early use opportunities

Problem statement

How do we position a hospital antibiotic to motivate physicians to use it early for the appropriate patients, rather than saving it for last?

  • Developed the “sweet spot” in terms of specific physician segments inclined to use the drug early in the patient journey, “hot situations” where the drug would be relevant early, and hospitals that are equipped to facilitate early use
  • Developed proposition and messages targeted at the sweet spot
  • Used machine learning to discover a short list of characteristics to accurately predict target physicians and hospitals. This is helping the client target the relevant hospitals and physicians
  • Iterative qualitative insights with over 70 physicians including Infection Disease Specialists, ICU specialists, Microbiologists, Haematologist-oncologists, and Pulmonologists in EU 5 countries to understand the patient journey and treatment algorithms
  • Quantitative research and machine learning with 250 physicians to develop segmentation and size the opportunity
  • Multiple co-creation workshops with clients