Raising the value of an innovative therapy by focusing on its distinctive features

Problem statement

How do we commercialise an innovative therapy for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in light of the failure of an earlier generation of the technology?

  • Developed physician segmentation that revealed a hidden pattern – layering these segments onto specific patient profiles, the prescriptions were predictable. Embedded segmentation amongst the commercial, medical, and leadership teams so that everyone could use the insight to engage with physicians
  • Defined the “sweet spot” in terms of the physician segments and patient profiles that enabled tailoring of the communication. Discovered that patients loved the class, and used that insight to frame the drug
  • Identification of referral and administration facilitators and bottlenecks to help develop a new referral pathway
  • Iterative qualitative insights with over 100 Haem-oncs, nuclear medicine specialists, and radiation oncologists in the U.S, Germany, France, and Italy
  • Many structured exercises to get into the “minds of the oncologists” patient profiles, trade-off exercises, mapping referral pathways
  • Behaviour change and branding workshops with client applying behavioural economics principles


I have rarely seen a similar level of passion coupled with such precise execution.  Insight Dojo makes us see things and provide excellent business recommendations” -  Chief Operating Officer