Doubling the opportunity for a constipation treatment by discovering new patients

Problem statement

How do we develop the product/market strategy for an early stage drug for opioid induced constipation amidst a very complex environment?

  • Identification of new patient population that is shaping multiple activities - clinical trial analysis, engagement with KOLs, and discussion with regulatory authorities
  • Identified disconnect between patients and physicians that led to the development of a patient activation programme (
  • Dissemination of data related to the patient burden amongst the medical community
  • An "adaptive design” approach to define the problem.  Iterative and flexible with small bursts of qualitative research and intense periods of problem solving with the client
  • Ethnographic qualitative research with 16 patients and 44 physicians in the EU5 countries
  • Quantitative segmentation based on market research with about 3000 patients and 1100 physicians
  • Post traumatic growth framework to develop our insights and recommendations