Gaining market leadership for a new OTC women’s health product in one year

Problem statement

How do we launch an innovation in women’s health to maximise the sales opportunity?

  • The brand became the leader within one year with an 18% market share
  • Established the case for our client to shape the market through a “vision-led” approach
  • With machine learning, identified a few simple questions for the doctors to identify women who were most likely to buy the product
  • Developed the positioning, core messages and interventions for physicians based on the treatment approach and situations when the patient is most receptive in the journey
  • Developed patient support material to clarify the confusion that women had about the category
  • Scoping workshops with the client for problem definition
  • Ethnographic qualitative research with 15 patients, and depth interviews with 15 doctors to understand the patient journey and the treatment algorithm
  • Quantitative research with 1000 patients to size the opportunity
  • Machine learning to develop a predictive model on women who are likely to adopt the product